Youth MEntorship

Encourage Growth


Mentorship provides one on one support to children within the inner city, allowing them to see a broader perspective on their surroundings and options for their lives.


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Break the Statistics

Studies show that boys of color who have a mentor in their lives, or someone who is not a parent looking out for them, are more likely to be successful in school. Furthermore, studies show that when children have a mentor or teacher who looks like them, it increases their likelihood of graduating from high school. Most black children end high school having zero, or hardly any, teachers of color.

Every child should have at least five other adults, aside from parents, that they feel like they can talk to about serious things. Studies show that only 50% of children feel like they have three or more supportive adults other than parents. Youth mentorship can provide children with a stable adult, other than the adults already in their lives, that they can build a relationship with. Having a strong adult relationship can help improve a child’s relationship with with parents, as well. A one on one mentor is a person who checks in with an adolescent monthly and can advise on a variety of topics: school, friendships, family concerns, career ideas, and anything else the adolescent is seeking support about.  A teen who is having trouble at school, but feeling apprehensive about bringing this concern to their family, might feel comfortable bringing their struggles to their mentor. A young adult who is looking for career advice might learn about a wider array of options by having a mentor. A preteen who is having social issues at school might get advice from a mentor that they feel confident to try.


Be More, Be Influential.

Volunteers, Sponsors, or Schools are all encouraged to reach out to participate in community growth.


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