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“A Seat at the Table” is an event series that brings adults together within the inner cities for discussion on various subject matter that typically hinders the growth and advancement within these communities.

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Break the Silence

Our A Seat at the Table event series is all about bring people together from different walks of life to talk about issues that affect us all. Taboo topics are heavily talked about via social media but there is a lack of in-person dialogue centering on similar subject lines. Social media does a great job at connecting people from all around the world. Nevertheless, it works to divide us just as quickly as it connects us. Through social media it is hard to hear tone. You also get into the motion of replying just to respond and prove your point of view.

With our event series we bring people together to have real, raw, and engaging conversations centering around difficult subject matter. We bring together people who are on opposing sides of the spectrum, meeting somewhere in the middle. We aim to get everyone to do more than just talk about these issues, we aim to get our guests to talk through these issues. Our end goal is to get everyone involved to learn how to effectively communicate their opinions in person and how to engage in meaningful discussions.


Be More, Be Influential.

Volunteers, Sponsors, or Schools are all encouraged to reach out to participate in community growth.


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