The Bare Bones Collective is a non-profit organization seeking the improvement of a sense of community within the inner city. As a collective, we strive to focus on increasing self-love among youth, facilitate community discussions, and promote advocacy through education.

We as a collective encourage youth to fight for what is right and just, and teach them the skills needed to advocate for themselves and others. We additionally want to educate communities about the systems of oppression that have been put in place and are continually upheld by systemic and institutional racism.

In order to teach self-love, we need to help the youth find self-confidence in their abilities, appreciate their inner and outer beauty, and identify their own strengths and talents. To encourage justice and advocacy, we need to help them understand that they have a voice and that they should not be afraid to use it. To educate them on systems of oppression, we need to use direct instruction in history and historical narratives that are left out of mainstream media.



Mentor Groups

Mentorship provides one on one support to children within the inner city, allowing them to see a broader perspective on their surroundings and options for their lives.

Support Groups

Preteens and teens working with mentors in the mentorship program can meet monthly with college students who graduated from those schools to help encourage inner personal growth.

Event Series

“A Seat at the Table” is an event series that brings adults together within the inner-cities for discussion on various subject matter that typically hinders the growth and advancement within these communities.



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